Three Insightful Thoughts For Success

They say life is all about taking risks and making the right moves to be successful.  Mainstream media, in conjunction with social media, make popularity possible more now than ever before; yet many of us will never obtain this status.  Does not having fame or wealth attribute to the lack of being successful?  This question is one that many of us will have differing opinions about but one that needs to be discussed and analyzed individually. Demand Victory. Deciphering or determining...

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Your Happiness Is Worth More

Maneuvering through adulthood isn't the easiest thing to do. You have bills to pay, kids to raise, a job to work, and other things that demand your time - or money.  Being fashion conscience is always one of our desires as it assists in putting us on platform that alludes to saying, "I made it" or "I'm responsible" or "I'm a man/woman." But what does it really mean when you really can't afford it? I'm often alarmed at the impact social media has on our...

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Who’s On Your Team?

All of us, no matter what race, ethnicity or gender have the option to decide who we allow in our immediate circle. There are so many clichés lingering out in the world of inspiration that help steer individuals like you and I in the right direction. You might have heard, "your attitude determines your altitude" or "choose your friends wisely because they determine your future." The aforementioned clichés are true in nature and can help to paint a portrait that...

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