Three Insightful Thoughts For Success

They say life is all about taking risks and making the right moves to be successful.  Mainstream media, in conjunction with social media, make popularity possible more now than ever before; yet many of us will never obtain this status.  Does not having fame or wealth attribute to the lack of being successful?  This question is one that many of us will have differing opinions about but one that needs to be discussed and analyzed individually.

Demand Victory. Deciphering or determining the measure of success isn’t predicated on the accomplishments of someone else, but on the accomplishment of oneself.  By definition, victory is defined as, “the act of defeating an opponent or enemy,” and often our biggest enemy is the act of defeating ourselves.

In an article in Forbes, a columnist discussed 6 Things You Should Quit Doing To Be More Successful.  Out of all of the six tips, “Quit Stopping” was the most insightful to me.  As individuals we go through life facing challenges and sometimes we let those challenges derail us from our end result. Don’t do this because it prevents you from ever tasting the luxury of victory.  I say the “luxury of victory” because victory isn’t something that is required, but is appreciated because it demonstrates a higher level of product – which happens to be you.  In the things that you start, finish them and know that each level isn’t going to be easy but each level demonstrates that you’re closer to the finish line.

Accept Who You Are.  I often say one of the most challenging things in life is accepting who you are as a person. I say this because sometimes it’s a scary thing that causes you to evaluate who you are.  Your strengths. Your weaknesses. Your flaws. (And, everything in-between.)  Again, scary.  However, being able to get to the plateau that you love who you are and appreciate the cards that you have been dealt in life makes a huge difference in your outlook on life.

Contribute To The World. Companies that are successful in the world reach this goal because they present something of demand. It is a product that someone can use in their everyday life to bring a level of value.  It may be eliminating a process or strengthening a product, but ultimately it solves a problem to the consumer.  Your individuality does the same thing.  For those of us [I’ve been one before] who find ourselves attempting to duplicate another individual devalues our authenticity as a person.  We’ll never be a Michael Jordan, Whitney Houston, Prince, Maya Angelou, or Martin Luther King.  We can study their contribution to life for lessons, but the only way you’ll be able to make an contribution to the world we live in is by being you, in rare form, and driving in your own lane.  In life everyone is born and will die on the same road.  However, all of us are given a unique vehicle that affords us the opportunity to drive on a designated path which unlocks the blessings of life.

Anything worth having, is worth working for is something that I’ve heard over the years and it remains true today.  Each day do your best to reach the level of success that you see for yourself.