Who’s On Your Team?

All of us, no matter what race, ethnicity or gender have the option to decide who we allow in our immediate circle. There are so many clichés lingering out in the world of inspiration that help steer individuals like you and I in the right direction. You might have heard, “your attitude determines your altitude” or “choose your friends wisely because they determine your future.” The aforementioned clichés are true in nature and can help to paint a portrait that is reflective of your life.

We should periodically assess those who are around us to determine if they are (1) hurting, (2) helping, or (3) stagnating us from reaching our full potential. Consider your dreams and aspirations and answer these questions: What are the things that you said you want to accomplish? What timeframe did you give yourself? Who around you is in position to help you reach those goals? Ultimately, you have to accept that you can’t do it on your own. There are specific relationships that are in your life to catapult you to the next level but if you don’t recognize him or her it might hurt you.

Let me take a moment to identify four types of people in your life; the cheerleader, the coach, the teammate and the fan.

The Cheerleader: The primary role of this individual is to rally the troops and spread excitement within the camp. They are excited when you are winning and disappointed when you’re loosing. However, there’s one unique identifier. The cheerleader typically only wants to claim you when things are going well because you’re popular and in the spotlight as progressing. He or she sees you as a platform to enhance their agenda. If you have a bad season, there is a strong possibility they will consider cheering for another team.

The Coach: His or her primary role is to provide you the necessary tools to be effective. He or she wants to see you succeed because your success is often a direct reflection of who they are as an individual. The coach invests time with and in you to build a relationship; however, it comes with a price. The price is predicated on how successful you become so that accolades can come back to them. These are the type of people who do things for you just to brag that they did it. They have the case of “I remembers.” I remember when I did this….. I remember when I did that… Be aware of them.

The Teammate: The teammate is one of a kind. They surround you with support and can empathize with the ups and downs along the process. They are on the field with you and have the passion to win at life like you do. They tend to give the physical support you need so that you can move forward with the agenda of the team. However, there’s one flaw, they can often be found being in competition with you. Yes, they want you to win – because they’re apart of what you’re apart of – but they low key don’t want you to be better than them. They want to be a “solo” star only. So, instead of always celebrating you they sometimes just tolerate you until they get the spotlight. If you aren’t able to recognize the teammate it might set you up for heartache because these are the ones you’d find yourself saying, “I thought they would never do this to me.”

The Fan: This is the final type of person that can exist in your life. The fan’s position is quite peculiar as their ultimate desire is to support you in your high times as well as your low. Their loyalty isn’t predicated on how successful you are but how much your existence means to them. For some reason, who you are brings a form of hope or inspiration to their lives so they want to demonstrate that by showing you their loyalty. At times it can be a little exhaustive and overbearing by the support they show but because it’s done out of genuiness it means a great deal to you. These are folks that are always showing you that they are there; rallying for you win; comforting you when you lose; fighting anyone that is against you. They get it, and get that you aren’t perfect. The fan takes on the role, “If you’re and enemy to him or her, then you’re an enemy to me also.” You’ll always need a fan in your life because year after year they will show their true loyalty to you. The only thing that changes the dynamics is if you decide to switch teams and break their loyalty.

In the end, knowing the type of people who are around you makes the difference. People will have certain roles that can be beneficial in the furtherance of reaching your goals. However, it’s imperative to know who you’re allowing to carry your ball down the field. Again, “Be weary of people who only sit at your table to eat but don’t offer to help prepare the meal…”