Checkmate! It’s Your Move….

The way we view life has a direct impact on how we function throughout the day.  I’ll admit, waking up isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  We often have responsibilities, challenges, and things we’d rather avoid transpiring all around us.  However, in the midst of life’s calamities, what do you do?  A popular gospel song by Donnie McClurkin, asks the question, “What do you do when you’ve done all you can and it seems like it’s never enough?” He later ends the phrase with, “You just stand.”  As inspiring as that song is and the many of people it has helped get through challenging times, standing really isn’t enough to get through life.  We have to stand, make a conscious effort to stay standing and take steps to become better.

Over the years, my friends and loved ones have been amazed at how I view life and the various lemons I’ve been given.  Yes, it was to make lemonade (thanks Beyoncé) but it was more to the equation.  One thing about all of us is that we will experience life.  It has its happy times, sad times, funny times, hurtful times, angry times and blissful times.  It’s like riding a roller coaster, one day your up and the next you can be down.  But, the benefit is that it won’t stay that way.  One key to maintaining a positive outlook on life is being optimistic.  Optimism is a gift that many people overlook but it’s one that is extremely valuable in life.  It helps us to look at life in a different lens – it changes our perspective and affords us to think positive in a negative situation.

Everyday something is going to happen.  However, within that day we have to make a decision, and the decision is if we will allow it derail everything that we have before us or move forward towards our prize.  Are your goals, connections, or happiness worth letting go because of a bad situation?  Of course not, so being optimistic assists in moving forward and being able to stay focused.

“The challenge of remembering yesterday is how you allow it to affect today.  The challenge of living today will be deciding if it impacts your tomorrow. Your choice.”

A few years ago I was experiencing a very challenging time in my life.  It seemed like everything was going wrong all at the same time.  Literally, everything.  I began to evaluate situations and face what I was dealing with and decided to change the way I looked at my problems.  Normally anyone who faces financial problems, relationship problems, and family problems all at the same time would be willing to just throw in the towel – many have to be honest – but we can’t let life alter our future like that.  I remember saying, “there’s always someone else that is worse off than you.”  This is where the optimism began to kick in and the negative energy that was surrounding me started to dissipate.

We have to realize what we put out in the atmosphere is what comes back to us.  If we’re negative, negative energy will return.  If we are happy and kind, then that same thing will return.  If we demonstrate and show love, then love will return. However, it’s all going to rely on how we look at life.  Sometimes we cannot immediately change our situation, but we can change our glasses to view our situations differently.  Checkmate! It’s Your Move….