Give Yourself Credit, You’re Good Enough!

The world can be a cruel place to live in based on the luxury of technology.  A person, in the privacy of their own home, or behind the screen of their smartphones can provide a level of scrutiny towards your life….without even knowing you!  That’s how I often felt when I would compare myself to my other peers.  And, unfortunately I was the biggest critic!

Growing up as a child wasn’t the best for me.  I lived in poverty, my mother was on welfare (or public assistance) where she received a check on the 1st and 15th each month. We would often visit the food pantries getting what we considered to be “that good cheese.”  You know the kind that came in the cardboard box with wax wrapping around it?  Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.  It made some of the best grilled cheese sandwiches!  Aside from that, our household, just my mother and I, would receive food stamps in a booklet form that was like money but quite different in the perception of society.  I’d often be proud to go to the store with them to buy snacks but I quickly realized my reality was different from others.  At night I would often ask God, why?  Why didn’t have a better life?  Why wasn’t I raised in a two parent, middle or upper class household where I didn’t have to worry about receiving “hand-me-down” shoes?  Back then, the answer wasn’t revealed but as I grew older it began to unfold before my eyes.

As we go through life we will often question the journey that we are given from conception.  It’s a journey that has been ordained to inspire and motivate someone else.  We all have our own goals, dreams, and aspirations that we want to achieve.  I’m sure you’ve said, “By the time I’m 25 I want to do this” or “after I get my degree I’m going to work for this company and make this amount of money.”  However, what happens when it doesn’t come into fruition on our terms? Do we feel that we failed or neglected to fulfill our purpose?  I will admit, sometimes that can be a result but it doesn’t always mean it’s true.   What we fail at is “our plan” for the life that we believe we should have rather than accepting the divine plan that is connected to our destiny.

“Don’t discredit yourself, everyone’s journey is different.  Some are short, some long, some easy, some short, but they all have purpose.”

Human nature tends to compare the accomplishments of others to our own lives without full acceptance that their chemical DNA is different from ours.  I’ve done it and often witnessed my peers do it as well.  I don’t believe it was done intentionally, but by mere desire to want to be better as an individual and be just as good as those we are connected to.  But, we have to recognize that what our friends have accomplished or done might not be our destiny.  Considering that, life’s output will be different because the road we individually travel is different.  I often say, if we are authentic and true to who we are as individuals; we won’t have to worry about if we are just as good as someone else because we will maximize being the best “us” we can be. In that alone, there is no competition.  The sky is the limit and your destiny will be fulfilled because true success is obtained by following the path in which you were given….for life. Give yourself credit; you are good enough!